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  • COVID19 Policy
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Jun 4 2021

    The members of Baton Rouge Chorus are thrilled to be able to harmonize in person again! We have begun hybrid rehearsals: Members and guests can attend rehearsals in person or Zoom in with an email invitation.

    While we recognize that much is still unknown about the transmission of COVID19, Baton Rouge Chorus does not require either vaccinations or the wearing of masks to attend an in-person rehearsal, although we do adhere to any local or state ordinances requiring face masks. Most of our current members have been vaccinated. And many of our members choose to wear a “singers” mask, which makes deep breathing easier than with a conventional mask. During rehearsals, every effort is made to keep singers six feet apart while singing. 

    Considering this, members and visitors alike should carefully decide whether attending a singing event would compromise their health. Baton Rouge Chorus does require that no one attend a rehearsal or performance if she is running a fever or has any other symptom of any communicable disease. 

    In the event that a member or guest who has attended an in-person rehearsal tests positive for COVID19, she must contact any Administrative Team member. Those who were exposed will be contacted so that they can take appropriate actions.