Visit a Rehearsal

Our doors are always open . .

and visitors are invited to drop in.
You may join us any Thursday at 6:30 pm, take part in physical and vocal warm-ups and then try your hand at a song or two.  Someone from our Music Team will help you determine which part you should try.  They may ask you if you've ever sung in a chorus or choir (this is not a requirement) and if so what part you sang. Or they may ask you to try singing Lead before trying any other part.  In our form of a cappella singing the Lead section often has the melody. 

The other voice parts are Tenor which is the highest part, Baritone which is just below the melody and Bass that is lowest part. The names of the parts follow the male Barbershop part names but we sing them an octave higher than the men. 

We meet in the sanctuary of Ingleside United Methodist Church.

For more information call 225-341-1608.

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